Defending You Against Illegal Search And Seizure

To protect the rights of every citizen, the police are limited in what they can do when stopping and arresting people for DUI. When the police violate these limitations, it can render the evidence inadmissible in court. If you have been arrested for DUI, you need to work with a Baldwin County illegal search and seizure defense attorney with experience handling these matters.

At Beckdefense, we bring a wealth of experience and knowledge of illegal search and seizure matters to every DUI case we handle in Southwest Alabama. Our attorneys have more than 35 years of combined legal experience, including his experience as a prosecuting attorney, thousands of criminal matters handled and more than 100 jury trials. If there is a problem with the police conduct in your case, we will find it.

Illegal Police Conduct

If the police made a mistake or violated any rules when they stopped you, arrested you or administered the breathalyzer tests, we will use that in your defense. Some of the common errors committed by the police include:

  • Lack of probable cause: The police need probable cause to pull someone over for DUI.
  • Illegal searches: There are strict rules regulating what the police can do regarding the searches and seizures they conduct.
  • Illegal checkpoints: Although checkpoints are legal, the police have to have a written plan and conduct the checkpoint consistently and fairly.

We have more than three decades of experience handling criminal law matters, including DUI. We will investigate the details surrounding the stop, the arrest, and the blood and breath tests conducted by the police. If there are any mistakes or problems that could help your case, we will find them.

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