Drug Offenses Can Lead To Serious Consequences

If you were accused of a felony or misdemeanor drug offense, you know that you could face serious consequences if you are convicted. By carefully choosing an experienced attorney, you can be confident that all opportunities will be explored. The option of resolving the matter at trial should never be ruled out in favor of a quick plea bargain. You want the best possible outcome, and you want an attorney who is willing to fight to get it.

At Beckdefense, we understand how prosecutors and judges view drug crime cases because our founding lawyer is a former criminal prosecutor. We are ready to go to trial to get results for you. To schedule a free initial consultation, contact us online, or call 251-517-0964 or toll free at 866-935-0465.

Defense Against All Alabama Drug Charges

Obviously, there is a massive difference between drug possession charges involving one joint and conspiracy charges involving 100 kilos of cocaine. However, we approach all cases with the same goal in mind: to get the best possible outcome. We are willing to work hard and fight to achieve that goal.

We defend against all misdemeanor and felony drug crimes in state and federal court, including:

We handle cases involving marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and all other drugs, including prescription drugs used inappropriately.

Drug Court

Some counties offer a unique process for drug crime cases. In Baldwin County specifically, cases often begin in drug court. You want an attorney who knows the strengths and weaknesses of drug court. At Beckdefense, we understand that, in some cases, drug court may not be the right option. We will then strive to get the case out of drug court. However, we also know that drug court can offer positive outcomes that would not be available in the traditional court system, meaning that sometimes it is important to make sure a case is kept in drug court.

If your case is kept in drug court, we will guide you through this strenuous process. We will take advantage not only of the opportunity to help you overcome any potential drug problems you may have, but to keep this crime off your record and prevent serious penalties.

Contact A Baldwin County Felony Drug Defense Lawyer — Free Initial Consultation

We answer our phones 24/7. Throughout your case, you will always have access to the support you need. To speak with an experienced Mobile and Baldwin County drug crime lawyer, contact us online, or call 251-517-0964 or toll free at 866-935-0465.

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