Representative Cases At Beckdefense

At Beckdefense, we have successfully handled a number of high-profile cases in recent years. Several representative cases include:

State of Alabama v. Eric Buzbee: John Beck handled Eric Buzbee’s capital murder case. Eric was falsely accused of murdering a popular businessman in Spanish Fort, Alabama. Despite overwhelming negative publicity, and after nine weeks of hard-fought trial, Mr. Beck obtained a unanimous not-guilty verdict for Mr. Buzbee, allowing him to avoid the death penalty and to return home to his family and hold his own child for the first time.

State of Alabama v. Stephen Nodine: Mobile County Commissioner Stephen Nodine was accused of murdering his mistress Angel Downs. John Beck vigorously fought the charges until the prosecuting authorities agreed to throw out the murder charge on the eve of trial.

State of Alabama v. Danny Hamilton: A popular longtime schoolteacher was falsely accused of sexually abusing a student. After a three-day trial, the jury unanimously acquitted Mr. Hamilton of all eight charges in less than 15 minutes.  After Mr. Hamilton was vindicated, Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Beck had this to say:

The most impressive lawyer ever! Honest and up front from beginning to end. Mr. Beck truly shines in the courtroom, thrilling to watch!!! Better than any lawyer, real or on tv. Mr. Beck does his homework and learns all the details of his client’s case. Appears to be respected by both judge and attorneys on other side. Cannot praise his skills enough.” 

-C. Hamilton

State of Alabama v. Cameron Harrison: A bright future was nearly derailed for this talented running back who played for the Spanish Fort Toro state champion football team.  International attention was hyper-focused on this false allegation of rape.  After many months of legal wrangling, this case was very favorably disposed by means of a confidential disposition.

City of Fairhope v. Ronan McSharry: This popular bar owner in Fairhope was caught in the crosshairs of both a political grandstander and certain business competitors to make his life miserable. Nothing short of jail, deportation back to Ireland, and loss of his successful business would satisfy these people.  While “only” misdemeanors, sometimes successful lawyering relies on fighting and winning these battles on legal grounds.  Some people call them technicalities. We call it well-deserved justice and a win.

While these cases may be a representative sampling of “high profile” cases, the list of consistent amazing outcomes achieved by Mr. Beck in recent years is staggering:

Jury Trials From The Past 7 Years

State v. Hutcheson Acquittal for Felony Leaving the Scene of an Accident with Death (convicted of misdemeanor).

State v. Wesson, Sodomy 1st, Case dismissed on morning of trial by prosecution. Potential life sentence completely avoided.

State v. White Acquittal for Assault 2nd and Burglary 1st (Baldwin County) Potential life sentence averted for a nurse who was simply trying to recover her stolen vehicle (4 minute not guilty verdict, regarded as the fastest felony not guilty verdict in Baldwin County history).

State v. Washington Acquittal for Murder (convicted of lesser offense Manslaughter) (Baldwin County) Client released after serving minimal time in prison.

State v. Howell, Hung Jury for Felony Leaving the Scene of an Accident with Death (case later dismissed).

State v. Jenkins, Acquittal for Sex Abuse of a minor (Baldwin County)

State v. Bolden, Acquittal for Sodomy of Child Under 6 (Mobile County) Avoided mandatory Life Without Parole sentence.

State v. McKee, Sodomy 1st, Case dismissed on eve of trial

State v. Pritchard, Acquittal for Sex Abuse of a Minor (Baldwin County) Client immediately released from pretrial incarceration.

State v. Tucker, 4 victims of Sex Abuse of a Child: Convicted as charged (Baldwin County) (we don’t win them all).

State v. Seiniwicz, Multiple counts of theft dismissed on morning of trial after Mr. Beck was able to prove a blatant misidentification by a Sam’s Club security “specialist”.

State v. Bain, Acquittal for Manslaughter (Baldwin County) (against Attorney General’s Office)

State v. Stewart, Acquittal for Murder (vehicular) convicted of lesser misdemeanor offense CNH (Baldwin County).  A local law enforcement officer who was held out to be an expert in accident reconstruction was thoroughly dismantled at trial by Mr. Beck.  His expert opinion that Ms. Stewart was travelling in excess of 100 mph was completely destroyed by Mr. Beck’s cross-examination.  Mr. Beck also caught this same witness in a scheme to “manipulate” the results of a breath test.  Even though she was convicted of a misdemeanor offense, this case was appealed all the way to the United States Supreme Court and nearly reversed.  Instead of a life sentence, Ms. Stewart served a relatively short term in jail and resumed her life. (note: the attached story incorrectly states Ms. Stewart was convicted of manslaughter.

State v. YO (Youthful Offender), Acquittal for Rape 1 (bench trial).

State v. Harrison (YO), Rape case disposed favorably for the defense upon agreement of non-disclosure to the public.

State v. Styron, Murder/Abuse of a Corpse: Convicted as charged.

State v. Gay, Hung jury for Sodomy of a child under the age of 6 (case later settled).

State v. Brock, Trafficking, settled on morning of trial for probation (St. Clair Co., AL)

State v. Hamilton, Acquittal and vindication of numerous sex abuse charges involving a schoolteacher and a student. The tragedy in a case like this is the irrevocable damage done to a man’s reputation, life, and legacy based on an unproven and untested allegation.

State v. Vares, Acquittal of Felony Assault with a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument. A vengeful and vindictive ex-wife turns her family’s life upside-down and weaponizes the judicial system for her own selfish benefit… until she ran into a blistering cross-examination.  Beck’s client was so affected by his ordeal and ultimate vindication, he published a book about it on Amazon!  While I can’t recommend this book for its style, a full transcript of a successfully defended client is included.

Buzbee Cleared Of Murder Charge

After 3 trials, a verdict was reached in a Baldwin County murder case. Eric Buzbee was acquitted of killing Bobby Wilson.

Steve Nodine Not Guilty

State drops murder charge. Nodine was accused of killing his girlfriend Angel Downs in Gulf Shores back in 2010.