Repeat DUIs: what you need to know

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Most states have DUI laws that allow for different levels of punishment depending on whether an offense is someone’s first, second or third offense. Alabama is stringent when it comes to its laws addressing repeated violations.

While DUIs are common and often unintended, having a DUI conviction on your record can have dire consequences for your future. Aside from criminal penalties, DUI convictions can impact employment, appear on background checks, and may limit what you can do for work. The courts will consider any further offenses much more seriously.

Second and third DUI convictions

For second and third DUI convictions, Alabama courts require that you complete mandatory jail time, higher fines than your first conviction, and a more extended license revocation period.

Forth DUI convictions and beyond

For a fourth DUI conviction in Alabama, the crime is a felony, for which the defendant could face up to 10 years in prison. If you become a habitual offender, the court can impose additional penalties, including a permanent suspension of driving privileges.

Driving privileges suspension

  • For a first DUI conviction, the license suspension period is 90 days.
  • For a second DUI conviction, the license suspension period is one year.
  • For a third DUI conviction, the license suspension period is three years.

As you can see, driving while under the influence of alcohol is a serious crime with severe consequences.

Alabama is tough on drivers who get on the road with alcohol in their system. Doing everything you can to prevent getting in your car after drinking is critical. Remember that every time you are convicted of a DUI in Alabama, the consequences worsen. Critical advocacy is key in helping you get through this.