Common mistakes people make after a DUI arrest

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A casual night out with friends can become a life-changing experience, particularly if you are pulled over for driving under the influence. Regardless of your condition, you are likely not at your best when the siren blares and the lights flash in your rear window.

Careful steps

Remember: everything you say or do is being documented. The smallest mistake can have the most severe of consequences. Misbehavior can make a bad situation worse.

While you should be cooperative, certain decisions you make could undermine your chances of going home that night. Those include:

  • Non-compliance – Frustration sets in after being pulled over or, which is normal. However, ignoring direction and talking back could lead to serious escalations that does more harm than good.
  • Possible admissions of guilt – The officer will ask if you were drinking. While lying is not the right choice, volunteering information involving the smallest amount of alcohol use or even prescription medication can lead to a breath testing.
  • Post-arrest pleas – An arrest does not mean that a conviction is imminent, even if you fail the breathalyzer test. While you may think that this option will solve the problem, the serious consequences of a conviction can have ramifications beyond criminal consequences.
  • Defending yourself – While you may think you have insight thanks to a friend or family member, going at it alone in court is an ill-advised strategy. Simply put you won’t be able to just talk your way out of it before a judge.

In the end, the best choice is to retain a skilled and experienced DUI defense lawyer. Bringing specific knowledge in drunk driving laws could help minimize, if not eliminate the potential penalties you face.