Things that may work in your favor when facing a drug charge

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With a drug charge hovering over your head, you understand that the potential consequences will have a drastic effect on your future. You wonder what you can do to put this situation in a more favorable light – especially to prosecutors and a judge.

Understanding your mistake is the first step. But what you do next may determine whether a conviction comes your way or you can get on with your life and leave this incident behind you.

Enter rehab, volunteer

You are basically facing three scenarios: a plea bargain, the chance for reduced or dismissed charges or a conviction. You want to avoid the latter at all costs. Now, you must focus on a strategy that my work in your favor. Not only do you hope to make an impression, but you also may improve things in your life.

Here are some things that you can do to help yourself when facing a drug charge:

  • Enter a drug rehabilitation program: You are doing this for yourself. By signing up for rehab, you are staying a step ahead of the judge, who more than likely will order you to enroll in the program upon a conviction. Working with counselors and therapists may help you understand that you may be an addict, while leading you on a path toward recovery. A prosecutor and a judge may take this into account when reviewing your case.
  • Volunteer for community activities: This is not for show, either. Granted, you do want a judge to see that you are trying to better things in your life. By volunteering in your community, you are investing more in it as well as yourself. Your community is filled with others who need assistance, and this group may include drug addicts, domestic violence victims, people facing hunger and students who need educational assistance.

Take these options seriously. Doing so may help you avoid a serious complication in your life.

Choices that may help

These are just some of the steps to consider when faced with a potential drug conviction. Such choices may help you change things in your life as well as avoid jail.