What does it take to go to trial in criminal cases?

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Criminal cases always have high stakes. From DUI charges all the way to capital offenses, the accused’s livelihood and future are on the line, and that means people need something extra from their attorney.

Most of these people ask themselves this: “Does my attorney have what it takes to protect me?” But that brings up another question:

What is “it?”

According to the Huffington Post, there is something called “it factor” that people respond to positively. “It” in this case is a combination of:

  • Gravitas: This is a trait most easily described as a powerful personal presence.
  • Communication skills: This trait means that a person can articulate ideas in a readily understandable way.
  • Appearance: Humans are visual creatures, and the right look can make an impression.

These three traits combined make for a magnetic, dynamic person that is absolutely attractive to people.

But, is “it” enough?

“It” is great. However, none of those traits necessarily translate into a successful attorney. They just make for an impressive personality. For a successful attorney, what matters more is intelligence, understanding of the law and the experience to fight criminal charges.

It’s not a secret that the criminal justice system relies heavily on plea deals to keep things moving, but a plea deal is not necessarily in your best interest. When a plea is an unacceptable result, it takes an attorney with the will to go to court. In that case, what matters is that an attorney is prepared with the necessary legal knowledge and willing to use it in a courtroom to defend their client aggressively.

“It” can’t hurt

However, the best-case scenario is to have an attorney with that magnetic, attractive personality who appeals to juries and judges as well as one with the will and experience to go the distance in court. That is a combination that is difficult to beat.