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Foley Child Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Sex Crime Defense

In Alabama, a sex crime charge is a serious matter. In addition to the serious fines and imprisonment you would receive for a conviction, you would also have to register on the sex offender registry everywhere you plan to live for years to come. The impact of a conviction of child sex abuse would be catastrophic. You need a Baldwin County child sex abuse attorney with experience and inside knowledge to defend you.

At The Law Offices of John W. Beck, we can provide you with strong defense against these charges. We have nearly 20 years of criminal law experience. Before working in criminal defense, attorney John W. Beck worked as a Baldwin County prosecuting attorney, handling primarily sex abuse and domestic violence cases. We have an inside understanding of how prosecuting attorneys approach these cases, and we know how to strategically and aggressively defend your rights.

In addition to his 18 years of criminal law experience, Baldwin County child sex abuse attorney, John W. Beck, worked as a prosecuting attorney. The majority of his cases in that role involved sex crimes and domestic violence. We are well-positioned to provide solid defense against the charges you face.

False Allegations

Many cases of child sex abuse involve false allegations. We see this often in a school setting or situations where someone has a personal vendetta against the accused and so frames the person for a sex crime he or she did not commit.

Regardless of whether or not the charges stem from a false allegation, child molestation and other child sex crime charges are extremely serious and require strategic, aggressive defense. We have handled thousands of criminal law trials, including more than 80 cases that have gone to jury trial and some of the most high-profile criminal defense matters Alabama has seen in recent years.

We understand how serious these charges are and the severe impact that a conviction could have on your life. We focus 100 percent of our attention on criminal defense matters, and so are prepared to defend you immediately.

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